Why CoolSculpting Beats Diet & Exercise for the Stomach

Posted by Al Nour Clinic on Jan 22, 2018 6:21:36 AM

Al Nour CoolSculpting Stomach Jan 2018.jpgCoolSculpting is sweeping the nation and the world as a revolutionised, non-invasive way to remove unwanted fat cells.

The idea behind the technology came from Harvard University, where scientists observed the surprising results of children who ate popsicles (icy poles). From there, the idea snowballed into Cryolipolysis, the technology on which CoolSculpting is based. The treatment targets fat cells and in a controlled manner freezes them, allowing the body to process the dead fat cells out naturally.


An Overview of Body Fat

Fat cells in our body can be broken down into two categories, visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral, also known as deep fat, is a gel-like textured fat, found in the peritoneal cavity, that wraps itself around our major organs like the kidneys and liver. Due to its nature, visceral fat can only be reduced by maintaining a vigilant diet and exercise routine. 

Subcutaneous fat on the other hand, is located just under the skin, if you can pinch it, it’s subcutaneous. While subcutaneous fat does not possess as many health risks as visceral fat does, it can affect your self-esteem and leave you feeling uncomfortable. Subcutaneous fat found on the stomach, inner and outer thighs and the chin can be particularly hard areas to budge through diet and exercise, with people often referring to them as their ‘problem areas’.


CoolSculpting vs Diet & Exercise

Due to different body types or genetics, some people will find that diet and exercise is not enough to reduce their unwanted stomach fat no matter how hard they try. Some people spend years trying to achieve their ideal body shape or a flat stomach. In the past, this left them with the only cosmetic procedure available for removing fat effectively, surgical liposuction or a tummy tuck. That was, until CoolSculpting. This ground-breaking technology has gained traction with consumers wanting a solution for stubborn pockets of fat, for its easy process that boasts little to no downtime, unlike its invasive alternative.

CoolSculpting technology targets hard to budge subcutaneous fat cells and freezes them. This method triggers fat cell death, following which the dead fat cells are processed out through the body naturally over time. The results are a thinner, more sculpted you!


What To Expect

During the procedure, a qualified technician will apply cooling pads to your targeted area(s). Controlled cooling is then delivered via the cooling applicator to freeze the fat cells which may leave you feeling a little chilly. After approximately 5-10 minutes, the area should be sufficiently numbed from cooling to minimise discomfort. The applicator vacuum draws up fatty tissues into the applicator cup which may feel like a pulling or tugging sensation. Overall the treatment is relatively comfortable, so much so that people have been known to multi-task during their procedure and check their emails or even take a nap. The downtime following a treatment is minimal and some users experience no downtime at all, returning to work or other commitments following treatment.

CoolSculpting results are most noticeable 1-3 months following treatment, after the body has had enough time to process out those dead fat cells. Once the fat cells have been removed, they won’t return providing a healthy lifestyle is maintained. This timeline is similar to that of a liposuction treatment and results are delivered a lot faster than the painstaking fad diets or boot camp training sessions we endure on the journey to a flatter stomach.


Take Control of the Body You Want

If you have been considering fat reduction treatment for hard to shift problem areas, then CoolSculpting could be for you. We offer a free consultation so you can discuss the treatment and your suitability. You will receive a quote for your treatment along with information for before, during and after. You can click on the button below to book your complimentary consultation online now, or call our friendly and experienced team on (08) 9481 3366.

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