Top Treatments for Removing a Double Chin

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Top Treatments for Removing a Double ChinA survey conducted on 1,996 men and women revealed that 47% of respondents were bothered by the appearance of the area underneath their chin1. Despite popular beliefs, you do not have to be overweight to suffer from a double chin. In fact, there are several causes that may contribute. 

We discuss the causes, psychological impact and treatment options for a double chin.


What Is a Double Chin?

A double chin occurs when fat layers form underneath the chin, also called sub mental fat. It is often associated with weight gain, but it can be the result of other factors as detailed below.


What Causes a Double Chin?

There are several common causes, including;

  • Weight gain – A common association of a double chin, weight gain can lead to fatty deposits being stored underneath the chin. An unhealthy diet of processed foods that are high in calories may be a main contributor.
  • Ageing – As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, causing it to sag. This extra loose and sagging skin can contribute to and exaggerate the appearance of a double chin.
  • Genetics – As with many other conditions, genetics can play a role in the development of a double chin. If it is a family trait, you may have an increased chance of developing one.


Psychological Effects

The impact of a double chin can take a toll on those who have it. It can make you feel self-conscious, embarrassed, overweight, older than you are and due to their location, can be hard to hide.


Treatment Options

  • Diet & Exercise – Reducing body fat can help reduce the appearance of a double chin, especially when the person is overweight. This is less likely to help when genetics or ageing are to blame. 
  • Surgery – Surgery is an invasive solution to reducing a double chin. It can involve liposuction of the excess fat and possible skin tightening (neck lift). These options can be costly, involve the risks associated with surgery and may impose a long recovery time.
  • Fat Dissolving Injections – This is an injectable treatment that works by breaking down fat cells. It is cost effective and treatments are over quickly with little downtime.
  • Fat Cell Freezing – This treatment works by freezing fat cells. This causes the fat cells to die allowing the body to process them out naturally. Treatment is very tolerable with no downtime.
  • Non-surgical Skin Tightening – This option works well for those whose double chin is the result of sagging skin. The treatment lifts and supports the soft tissue thereby reducing excess skin and improving the appearance of the neck.


Leading Treatments for a Double Chin

Belkyra is a fat dissolving injectable treatment that targets unwanted fat cells. It involves injecting synthesized Deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body to assist in dietary fat cell breakdown. The injections are administered via a fine needle following and takes on average 15-30 minutes to complete. Most patients require 2-4 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Treatments are cost effective and have little downtime. 

Lipodissolve injections work similarly to Belkyra. A medication called Phosphatidyl Choline or PPC, is administered to the targeted area via injection. PPC is a natural substance that is produced in the body and contributes to fat metabolism. Between 1-2 sessions are usually required for patients to achieve their desired results.  Again, treatments are cost effective and there is little downtime. 

CoolSculpting works by applying a device to your targeted area and free freeze unwanted fat cells. During this process, dead fat cells are broken down by the body, absorbed and processed out naturally. The treatment is mostly comfortable with little to no downtime and is usually completed in one treatment, with rare cases needing two.

Thermage Skin Tightening offers a non-surgical option for skin tightening to lose skin in the lower face. Thermage can improve the appearance of double chin and jowls and enhance the definition on the jawline. It uses radiofrequency to stimulate new collagen production and tighten the existing fibers. Its totally non-invasive and recovery is immediate with no downtime.

Thread Neck Lift is a possible option for those who are bothers with the appearance of  double chin associated with sagging or ageing skin. This minimally invasive treatment involves threads of polyprolene anchoring underneath the skin, acting as a truss to lift drooping skin. Treatment usually takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is done under a local anaesthetic with minimal discomfit as no cuts are made to the skin. On average, most patients require 7-10 days to heal before they can return to their regular activities.


Before & After

You can see before and after photos from Double Chin Treatment below. Please note that as each patient is unique, results will vary from patient to patient.

Before & After Double Chin Treatment

Before & After Double Chin Treatment

Before & After Double Chin Treatment


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 1 New Survey Reveals Impact Of Double Chin On Self-Perception And Behavior

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