Top 6 Benefits of Medical Skin Needling

Posted by Al Nour Clinic on Apr 16, 2018 12:16:49 PM

Science and cosmetic medicine are revolutionising treatments based on the body's profound ability to heal itself. By stimulating the wound healing response, we can trigger cell renewal and skin regeneration to help restore youthfulness and improve the appearance of irregularities.

We explain what medical skin needling is and discuss the top benefits that you can achieve. Find out how this treatment can improve scarring and pigmentation, minimise lines, and lift and tighten skin, to result in a more youthful appearance.

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With over 18 years in skin and cosmetic medicine in Perth, Al Nour is your trusted clinic. Dr Abu Laban was the pioneer of wide scale IPL treatments in Western Australia. Her Quantum IPL was the first in the state. She has performed thousands of IPL treatments for a wide variety of skin problems including Rosacea, Skin Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damaged skin.

She was one of the first doctors in WA to perform Thread Face Lifting and Lipodissolve injections/Mesotherapy; having been personally trained by the world pioneers in both fields.

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