Perth's Best Kept Anti-Ageing Secret...Dermal Cheek Fillers

Posted by Al Nour Clinic on Mar 7, 2018 4:07:42 PM

Sunken and hollow cheeks are give-aways of ageing appearance. Cheek fullness has always been associated with youthfulness and is viewed as a reflection of general well-being. As we age, our skin loses fat and collagen, thus contributing to the appearance of hollow cheeks, tired look under the eyes and sunken temples. Cheek fillers are one of Perth's best kept anti-ageing secrets and we're going to tell you why. Before we uncover the anti-ageing benefits, first lets discuss exactly what are dermal cheek fillers.


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With over 18 years in skin and cosmetic medicine in Perth, Al Nour is your trusted clinic. Dr Abu Laban was the pioneer of wide scale IPL treatments in Western Australia. Her Quantum IPL was the first in the state. She has performed thousands of IPL treatments for a wide variety of skin problems including Rosacea, Skin Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damaged skin.

She was one of the first doctors in WA to perform Thread Face Lifting and Lipodissolve injections/Mesotherapy; having been personally trained by the world pioneers in both fields.

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