Remove Your Double Chin – The NON-Surgical Way!

Posted by Al Nour Clinic on Jul 27, 2020 10:23:57 AM

Sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, or focus on eliminating the appearance of your double chin with crazy ‘chin exercises’, the fullness under your chin may never go away on its own.

Making one feel embarrassed, self-conscious, older, or even heavier than what one is; a double chin can have unsettling psychological effects, impacting a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

At Al Nour Clinic, we aim not only at reducing the appearance of double chin, but rather at sculpting the whole lower face.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of in WA and hundreds of fat-dissolving injections, Thread Lift and CoolSculpting treatments completed, we can help you choose the most appropriate treatment and achieve the best possible results.

What causes a double chin?

A double chin is a common concern for both men and women at different age brackets. The following factors can contribute individually or combined to the appearance of double chin:

Ageing: As our skin loses elasticity; loose and sagging skin can exaggerate the appearance of a double chin.

Genetics: Like other conditions, if having a double chin is a family trait, you may have increased chances of developing one.

Weight Changes: Weight gain can lead to the fatty deposits being stored under your chin, eating an unhealthy diet full of processed foods, saturated fats and sugar, may be a main contributor.

Treatment options:

  • Diet and Exercise – Reducing your body fat can help reduce the appearance of a double chin. (This is less likely to help when genetics or ageing are to blame)
  • Surgery –It can involve liposuction of the excess fat and possible skin tightening (neck lift). These options can be costly and involve the risks associated with surgery.
  • Fat Dissolving Injections – This involves injecting medications that effectively destroyed fat cells and cause an inflammatory reaction that leads to skin tightening. This is It is one of the most cost-effective treatments with very long-lasting results. Depending on the medication used, one or multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results.
  • Fat Cell Freezing – This treatment works by reducing the temperature in the fat cells leading to its death. Approved devices are used for the procedure, the most popular of which is Cool Sculpting. This option is most appropriate for those with large double chin. The procedure is very tolerable with no downtime.
  • Non-Surgical Skin Tightening –using technologies such as radiofrequency or ultrasound, saggy skin can be tightened thus reducing the appearance of double chin.

    Before and after photos:

    Lipodissolve (2)

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With over 18 years in skin and cosmetic medicine in Perth, Al Nour is your trusted clinic. Dr Abu Laban was the pioneer of wide scale IPL treatments in Western Australia. Her Quantum IPL was the first in the state. She has performed thousands of IPL treatments for a wide variety of skin problems including Rosacea, Skin Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damaged skin.

She was one of the first doctors in WA to perform Thread Face Lifting and Lipodissolve injections/Mesotherapy; having been personally trained by the world pioneers in both fields.

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